Our Ministries


Adult Ministries

Our adult ministries seek to provide points of connection for adults of all ages, life stages, and circumstances. Through various ministries we hope to build authentic relationships and learn how God wants to be a part of our lives. You will feel like family and build meaningful relationships. No matter what your interests, goals, or stage of life, Calvary will be a great fit for you.



Calvary Student Ministries

Being a teenager is not the easiest stage in life. That’s why we have a ministry that is specifically designed for this age group. Calvary Student Ministry helps to prepare students for Christian adulthood through Sunday morning classes, Wednesday night gatherings, and other special activities and events. However, we don’t believe that students have to wait until they are adults to make an impact – we believe they can do it right now! Through each aspect of our ministry, we point students to Jesus and teach them how to be difference makers in their community.



Calvary Kids

While you are in your class or worship service, your child will enjoy a class designed specifically for them! We believe that Calvary Kids is more than a babysitting effort – everything that happens in Calvary Kids centers around our goal to engage kids and build families by providing age-appropriate Bible stories and fun activities. Calvary Kids is offered for children 8 weeks to 6th grade and is divided into four separate environments so that we can engage your child at their level. Calvary Kids is available during all of our weekly services.